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About Us

We are photographers and videographers who provide photography and video services for funeral and memorial events


Through our services, We hope to encourage rememberance of these life events and life stories.


In such times of sorrow, we can find strength in honouring the lives of our love ones.



SNG MENG LEE      Professional Photographer  I  Founder & Trainer for Life View 

It is a privilege to be part of these private family events.


It all started from my dad's bereavement in June 2011​. As a photographer, I couldn't help savouring the beautiful moments of kindness and warmth at the event. There was so much support from friends, families, and strangers, all coming together for us, for my dad. We call it the 'Kampung' spirit. These are the people who were part of dad's life story, and that meant a lot to me.  I needed to remember them, and photography was the logical thing to do.


Since then, we've partnered with Singapore's leading funeral service providers  to provide seamless service and support to the bereaving families  and capture beautiful moments of the final life event of their love ones.













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